• Beginner Yoga Classes for Men


    If your body feels tight, broken or lacks mobility then this is the place for you!

  • About guys do yoga.........

    In our men-only yoga classes, we go the extra mile to ensure a welcoming environment that caters to all levels, including beginners. By fostering an inclusive atmosphere in this MENS ONLY class, we aim to create a space where individuals, regardless of their experience, feel comfortable and supported. Our classes are thoughtfully structured to address the specific needs of men, especially targeting tight muscles resulting from gym workouts, sports, and rigorous training. We take pride in our approachability, breaking down the fundamentals of yoga in straightforward terms to instill confidence, particularly among those new to the practice. With a focus on enhancing range of motion and flexibility for optimal performance, coupled with breathing techniques to improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce stress, our classes offer a holistic and tailored experience for men of all fitness levels, including beginners. Join us to embark on a journey that prioritises your well-being and caters to your individual needs, whether you're new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice.

    Current Guys Do Yoga Courses


    Tuesday 7.30pm Watford - West Herts College

    Finishes June 18th


    £8 each class


    *Please remember a yoga mat




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    Book for just £8 a class

    All classes are 1 hour and you must bring your own mat.

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    What Happens in my Yoga Class....

    In our exclusive men's session, our goal is to guide you through the transformative practice of yoga. We will delve into invigorating breathing exercises designed to alleviate mental tension, while introducing accessible yoga poses tailored to address the specific needs of tight or strained bodies, fostering healing. The session emphasizes realigning both mind and body, culminating in a soothing relaxation at the end. As a result, you'll emerge from the class not only feeling physically rejuvenated but also experiencing enhanced mental and emotional well-being.







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    What to bring & wear....

    When joining Guys Do Yoga, kindly remember to bring along your own yoga mat. If, for any reason, you find yourself without one, feel free to reach out to the instructor in advance to arrange borrowing one. Once you have your mat secured, make sure to dress appropriately for the yoga session. Opt for light, comfortable, and breathable fabrics that enable fluid movement and stretching. Additionally, bringing a cozy sweat top or blanket for the final relaxation segment is encouraged. It's that simple—just show up dressed appropriately and with your yoga mat in tow.

  • "Yoga will make your body and mind better. it does not have to be boring and you dont have to be bendy to do it. i hope you will come try yoga with me and feel the difference it can make"

    Mary McLellan - Lead Yoga Instructor

    with Guys Do Yoga

    Why Guys Should Do YOGA

    We hope it's obvious but if not here is your reminder........

    Physical Health Benefits

    Stress Reduction & Mental Wellbeing

    Improved Athletic


    Enhanced Recovery & Injury Prevention

  • Ryan Giggs, John Terry, Lebrone James, Tom Brady, Novak Djokovic ......all these guys do yoga!

    So can you! Join one of our classes today Keep Scrolling

    Yoga & Athletes

    Famous athletes incorporate yoga into their training routines for a multitude of reasons. Yoga offers a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, providing benefits that complement the demands of high-performance sports. Athletes turn to yoga to enhance flexibility, balance, and coordination, ultimately contributing to improved athletic performance and a reduced risk of injuries. The mindful breathing techniques and meditative aspects of yoga aid in stress reduction, promoting mental focus and resilience on and off the field. Moreover, yoga serves as a valuable tool for recovery, helping athletes alleviate muscle soreness and enhance overall body awareness. Embraced by icons across various sports, yoga has proven to be a versatile and effective practice for athletes seeking a comprehensive and sustainable approach to their fitness and well-being.

  • OUr Workshops

    Events destined to target specific areas of healing. Stay tuned for our next workshop.

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    Bring your mate to class with you! Help us spread the word about Guys Do Yoga and keep the classes happening. Keep an eye out for our refer a friend promotion in classes.

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    Slowly Slowly all is Coming

    A famous yoga saying takes effect....

    Consistent practice is the way to ensure your body and mind really reap the benefits of yoga. Although you are welcome to drop into our classes booking a 4 week course will prove much more beneficial.